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Multi-purpose Fitness Travel Packing List

The art of multi-purpose, lightweight and space-saving packing for ladies

Edna Kallon

3 min

When packing for travel, for many people packing to support and encourage fitness is likely not a priority. To save space, fitness apparel, tools and accessories will likely be the first to go. Are you one of those people? I was until I learned the art of multi-purpose, lightweight and space-saving fitness-conscious packing. Below is what I have learned thus far, and that has not failed me yet. I tell you my favorites and provide links, if available, for those of you who would like recommendations.


Goes-with-everything trainers

Think trainers that can be used for a workout, are great shoes to wear for exploring new places, and also look really cute with a dress. In addition they can be stuffed into the corner of the suitcase saving you space. For me, On Running managed to create such a trainer with their Cloud X line. I basically wore them with everything, and I got a lot of compliments.

Do-it-all Legging

Think of leggings that can be used for a workout, during the day, and for sleep. They look fantastic and are comfortable in whatever situation they are used for. The quality is excellent and hugs the right places. For me, that's Lululemon the Wunder and the Align leggings. I use them to work out, but I can also throw on an oversized t-shirt, a necklace, put on a head wrap, wear a trainer or saddles and head out to explore the place I am in.

Oh-so-cute workout top

Think lightweight and flowy yoga t-shirts. The types you can easily tie into a knot to restrict movement if running or doing HITT training. Alo has some great selections. Flowy yoga tops also pair great with jeans for a casual day look. Or with heels and some look-at-me earrings for a night look.

Sports bra you can wear as a day bra

Medium or high-impact sports bras can be bulky and take up space. To save space, go for a bra that provides the necessary protection during and outside of a workout. Make it a sports bra that is so comfortable you feel like you are wearing a regular bra. My go-to bras are the Brooks Juno Sports Bra and the Under Armor Infinity Mid Sports Bra.


Heart rate increasing jump rope

I never leave home without a lightweight yet sturdy jump rope. Jump roping is an underrated cardio workout that can burn a lot of calories in a short time. For 15 minutes, you can burn 200 to 300 calories. In addition, jump roping strengthens coordination and bone density. It is a traveler's best friend. I have the WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope.

Strength building resistance bands

This is also another item I do not leave home without. These bands can be folded and tucked into tiny pockets of space in a suitcase. I use the Thera bands which come in different resistance levels.

All climate yoga mat

A lot of yoga brands now have travel yoga mats. These mats will weigh about 1.5 lbs (0.68 kg) and can be used for yoga and other training activities. However, not all mats are equal. I found that out the hard way. In a nutshell, do not buy Manuka eKO travel yoga mat if going to a hot climate such as the Caribbean. This mat cannot take the heat, shrivels up, and becomes sticky. Read the reviews and pay attention to how the mat fares in hot and humid weather if you are going to such climates. After all, you want a mat that will stay intact for many environments because they are not cheap.


Sweat repelling wireless earbuds

I did not know how much I needed Wireless earbuds until I started exercising outside more in the summer during the pandemic lockdowns in Barbados. Overhead headsets are the worst in hot climates; it will feel like your ears are on fire. I am biased towards the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds because I am a Samsung user.

Lightweight and foldable hiking bag

Hikes are one of the easiest ways to incorporate fitness into travel while getting to know the place one is in. A foldable and lightweight day bag backpack you can tuck in your suitcase is a worthwhile investment. Consider the Gonex ultralight daypack. There are a lot of other brands out there.


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