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Dominica's Young Artists to Know

These individuals are changing the art scene on the Nature Island of the Caribbean.

Edna Kallon

1 min

On October 14, 2020, while I was on the island of Dominica, I was invited to sit in on an art critique meeting the Waitukubuli Art Association (WAA) was having in preparation for a virtual art exhibit. Only about half of the association members (ages range from 18 to 50) were at the meeting. It was quickly clear that they all had their own artistic perceptions and voice. The experience of sitting in the corner silently listening to the artists speak while marveling at their work, is an experience I will always remember. A little over a month later, the completed pieces were displayed in COVID-19 stipulated virtual exhibit found here. Some of the works exhibited can be purchased for sale here. I have my eyes on one piece I am saving up for. Guess which one it is?

The works of four young artists caught my attention at the meeting, I would like to introduce you to them and their work. My choice of artists to tell you about is subjective based on my own artistic preferences. Hence, visit WAA's website and social media accounts to see the works of other artists. In addition, all the artists highlighted here are well known and also know a lot of other artists on the island; the art scene in Dominica is a fairly small and intimate one. They will be happy to introduce you to other artists.

Sarama Rolle

Marica Honychurch

Michael Lees

Lowell Omtni Royer



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