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Becoming a Fearless Black Female Solo Traveler

My parents played a significant role in how I became the traveler that I am. I give them a place of honor on Edna Explores. I thank them!

Edna Kallon

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From an early age, my African parents conditioned and supported me, their dark chocolate daughter, to try various travel experiences and not fear pursuing those experiences by myself. I was brought up to believe, in the core of who I am, that the world really is my oyster. Edward and Rosaline Kallon played a significant role in how I became a confident and fearless black female solo traveler.

In primary and secondary school, my parents nurtured and financed the solidification of a now ingrained belief that I can have various travel experiences. While still under their roof, I climbed Mount Kenya, went to summer camp in Switzerland, observed guerrillas in Uganda, and went on an epic family vacation to South Africa to name a few things. After college, they gifted me with an epic ten days solo trip to Thailand for my graduation. When I started trying more "risky" activities such as sky diving in the United States or trekking through a Colombian jungle, my parents were quiet.

I was never told not to do something, and my travel decisions were never questioned.

Not everyone on my journey has been like my parents. Encountering curiosity about my appearance, discrimination, sexism and/or racism on travels is a given. I have been treated like an animal in a petting zoo. My passport has been verified extensively for authenticity countless times at airports. My presence has been questioned innumerable times at shops and hotels. These are just a few challenges I have faced being a black female solo traveler.

Yet, I continue to travel. In addition to most of my travel travel experiences being positive, my parents did something else right.

I was taught and continue to be reminded that I get to choose who I am and how I live my life.

My mother will always say, "what is in your mind, no one can take away from you unless you let them." My dad will always say, "everyone has their own path, follow yours." Because there would not be Edna Explores without the parenting style of Edward and Rosaline Kallon, I give them a place of honor on this blog. I thank them for the decisions, choices and sacrifices they made.


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