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Arte Sano Crepes y Waffles (Bogota, Colombia)

A restaurant with delicious food that also operates with an unwavering dedication to social responsibility

Edna Kallon

2 min

It is rare to find a restaurant with delicious food that also operates with an unwavering dedication to social responsibility on multiple fronts, not just in its supply chain.

Arte Santo Crepes y Waffle, which started as a hole-in-the-wall creperie and waffle shop in 1980, has grown to become a gastronomical force in Colombia, and they remain dedicated to their ethics.

But first, let me tell you about the food! When it comes to food recommendations, it’s vital that your taste buds are satisfied. When you leave a country, I always want you to remember the food recommendations I give to you.

I heard about Arte Sano Crepes y Waffles from an Ivorian foodie friend who traveled to Colombia and has Colombian friends who are also foodies. I knew the food would be delicious, but I did not expect the innovation I saw and tasted on the three occasions I visited. The restaurant, an expansion of the owner’s Crepes & Waffles chain of restaurants, offers a range of healthier and nutritionally-dense menu items. For example, if you want waffles, you can opt for this beauty below, celebrating fresh, exotic local fruits.

Or if you are craving something savory and heartier, they have plenty of those dishes as well. I loved the corn and sweet potato wrap below so much I had it twice in two different locations, and both times it tasted amazing.

It is not just the food that wows. The restaurant is also doing good for the community.

The restaurant exclusively hires female heads of households, explicitly struggling single mothers, providing the women with livable wages, health plans, and assistance with other living condition issues.

They don’t stop their socio-economic responsibilities there. The restaurant sources many of the ingredients used from small local farmers, and the restaurant commits to sourcing ingredients from farmers using organic or environmentally responsible techniques.

At Arte Sano, the food is excellent, and the business’s commitment to doing good in the country is equally commendable.




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