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I am so glad you decided to drop by. At Edna Explores, it’s all about inspiring, nudging and empowering deeper, richer and more authentic travel experiences. How? By focusing on culture, community, the environment, and wellness. 

On this website, I combine my travel experiences, brains and passion for a mission close to my heart. What is my mission? I search for, identify and highlight the best local small, community-oriented and/or eco-conscious businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. I then try and entice you to stay at their establishments, eat their food, shop their products and choose them for unique experiences from the day you arrive.

There is also a whole section on Edna Explores dedicated to wellness. There, I combine my love for holistic wellness, experience, and academic training (see Q&A for more information). My desire is to support you to maintain, manage and improve your wellbeing when traveling and at home. Why? I might not know you, but I am a little obsessed about you living your best life unapologetically taking care of your mind, body and spirit! 

I hope you enjoy your visit! If you have any questions, want to collaborate or just want to say hi, reach out. I would love to hear from you. 

Sending lots of love your way!


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My Travels

I was born in Sierra Leone, a country on the coast of West Africa. My travels started at the age of 8 and I am yet to settle down because there are so many places to see and experiences to be had. Here are the places I have traveled to and lived in. I currently live in France. 

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